Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Post 41-Quilt Market Quilt #1

I've finally recovered from the past month of quilting craziness. I felt like a quilting zombie for four weeks straight! 

On top of quilting and moving, my son's soccer team was desperate for a coach. Feeling guilty, I signed up for the job! (I love soccer but I'm definitely not coach material. I still don't understand what off-sides means!) Luckily, my husband begrudgingly stepped in and took over. He was an awesome coach, but he did make me vow to never sign either of us up again!

Thankfully, soccer season is over and baseball season is almost over! And now I get to do some show and tell!

Two of the quilts that I quilted for RJR Fabrics for Quilt Market were more traditional and two were more modern. 

Modern quilts first...

They were designed by Patrick Lose and featured at Quilt Market. You can find pattern info. on Patrick's website (

I believe this one is called 'Cascade.'
I absolutely love how colorful this quilt is!

I wanted to show a little bit of my designing process. I have a large piece of plastic that I put on top of the quilt and just start drawing. I use dry-erase markers that wipe away with water. I like them better than the regular dry-erase markers because they don't cause dust that can get on the quilt or rub on my hand when I'm drawing!

Like I've said before, my design inspiration usually comes from the pattern or fabric. This time it came from both. I used the wavy lines of the pattern and the bubble shapes from the fabric. It's a little hard to tell, but the speckled fabric is tiny octagons, so I quilted octagons instead of circles on that fabric.

I usually try a couple of different designs and choose what I think looks best.

And, of course, I love the colorful back!

On a personal note, a few events that happened in April:

Mia has the keys to our new home!

And this cute couple had fun at Prom!


  1. I LOVE this! So nice to see your thought process, and it turned out amazing. Beautiful work! I love the colorful back too.