Sunday, October 14, 2012

Piano Quilt

This beautiful log cabin piano quilt was designed by my talented neighbor, Sylvia Zobell.

This was so much fun to quilt. Unfortunately, my pictures do not do justice to either the beautiful piecing or quilting. I quilted swirls in the white background. In the black piano area, I used a repeating scroll stencil pattern (like pictured below but without the vertical lines).

This picture shows the border: scroll pattern with vertical lines inside and micro-stippling outside.


  1. I am wondering if your neighbor would be willing to sell me a copy of this pattern. I would love to make this quilt (and I would give her the acknowledgement as being the designer) for a scholarship fundraiser at Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, WI. They hold a scholarship gala in April each year and have a silent auction. I truly believe this gorgeous quilt will bring in a good amount of money for their scholarships. They hold the gala in their new music building. You also did a gorgeous job quilting it for her. I just love this!

    1. Jerilyn-I've had several requests for this pattern, and the designer, Sylvia Zobell, is happy to talk to you about the pattern. She can be contacted at Good luck with your fundraiser and thank you for viewing my blog!

    2. oh no, that email address is no good any longer. :(

  2. Thank you so much for contacting her!!!! You do beautiful work. I look forward to your future posts and have enjoyed reading and looking and your past posts.

  3. Hi Mindy , what a gorgeous quilt. I would love to have the pattern and I wrote to Sylvia but the email address is no longer good. Can you help?