Sunday, October 19, 2014

Post 23- Check out Lisa Calle's blog!!

I'm pretty darn excited right now!
I was just doing a little Bloglovin' reading and this is what went through my head when I came to Lisa Calle's blog.

That's pretty.
Wait...that's familiar.
Scroll back up
Hey! That's my mini wholecloth!
On Lisa's Blog
Front and Center!!

I have a couple of quilt heroes and Lisa is one of them, 
so it's just really cool to see my quilt on her blog.

I took Lisa's class last May and she was kind enough to pose for a pic with me.

There are a bunch of other amazing wholecloths from other ladies on there too, so it's worth a look if you haven't visited her blog.

Another exciting thing happened this week.
My awesome friend, Karlee Porter, released her new quilt book Graffiti Quilting.
Here's my autographed copy.

I've known Karlee for about 5 years, since she and I both worked at Handi Quilter in the Production Department. We both put in quite a few hours of practice on the longarm and sit-down machines testing them before we moved on to other things.

I remember one of the first days I met Karlee she sat down at lunchtime with a notebook and a bunch of markers and started drawing. 
At some point, she let me see her sketches and I was blown away.
I knew right then and there that she was an artist.
And I'm so excited she is now sharing her artistry with the quilting world!

Lastly, here is my show and tell for the week. 
Don't you just love this adorable baby quilt?!
I Wish I could take credit for more than the quilting, but no.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Post 24- In the Spirit of Halloween

Since I still have a couple weeks before I can share all the Quilt Market quilts I've been busy with, and since Halloween is drawing ever closer (Already?!), I thought I'd share a few festive projects.

The first is a small pillow I made from a 2-inch Halloween charm pack I purchased a few years back. 

I made a last-minute decision and took a class called Terrific Triangles at Quilt Fest. I learned how versatile half-square triangles are. You can literally make thousands of different block patterns just using HSTs! Who knew? 
Probably everyone but me!
Oh well, now I know! ;)

I have used HSTs in quilts before, but this pillow was my first attempt at using ONLY HSTs in a project. It kind of reminds me of Charlie Brown's shirt, but I still think it's cute. :)

I also have some fun clients who have been making a million (not really, but a lot!) of tablerunners for their kids for Christmas presents. They are so stinkin' cute!

Here's just one of the many tablerunners quilted with spiderwebs all over.

Have you finished all your Halloween projects? If so, I'd love to see pics of them! Send them my way and I'll share them!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Post 25-Radiance Mini Wholecloth

Life has been full of quilt deadlines for me. Nothing new! 
I love all the work I'm getting to do, but I'm still learning my own limitations. Sometimes I wish I could duplicate myself, but since that's not possible I'm learning instead that I have to be realistic about what I can and can't do and let some work opportunities go.
It's a bittersweet realization for me.

In the midst of all the customer deadlines, I was able to take a few hours for myself and quilt my mini wholecloth.
I created this mini wholecloth for the challenge given by Lisa Calle and I'm doing it in conjunction with my friends from the Longarm Learning Curve group on Facebook. 
The coolest thing about this group is that we are from all over the world with one uniting factor...we all do longarm quilting on Handi Quilter machines. 
It's awesome to be part of a world-wide quilt group! And I'm so happy I decided to do this challenge with them. 

Our ringleader, Annelize Littlefair, has arranged for our mini wholecloths to be displayed in the U.K. at the Malvern Autumn Quilt Show in 2015 and then at the Spring Quilt Festivals in 2016 in Ardingly, Edinburgh, Exeter, and Duxord. 

I dream of one day going to the U.K., but I guess for now I'll have to be satisfied that my quilt will be there! ;)

I still need to bind this, but the deadline is in October, so I'm feeling good about my progress. So, without further wait I present to you my Radiance mini wholecloth!

I love the way this turned out!!
One of the requirements for this challenge was to use Robert Kaufman's Radiance fabric. I have to tell you I kept running my hand over this fabric as I was quilting it. It's so soft and smooth and silky! I decided I absolutely NEED this fabric on my bed! (Another project on the to-make list!)

I'm so glad I took this challenge. For some reason, there's nothing like the pressure of a deadline to make me finish things!

Quilt Stats:
Fabric: Robert Kaufman Radiance in cream
Batting: Hobbs 80/20 and a layer of wool
Thread: Superior Highlights in cream

Friday, September 5, 2014

Post 26- Amazing Barn Quilt

 This amazing quilt was made by Vickie and Richard Rawson (pictured below).
Vickie pieced the quilt and Richard did the embroidery.

I was blown away by the amount of detail they put into this quilt!

There was already so much character to this quilt that I didn't want the quilting to overpower it. I did my best to keep it simple, except in the green and white blocks. I decided to dress up those areas with a bit more quilting. Vickie loved it, so I think I was successful. :)

Now for the closeup pics...

And the back...

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Post 27-Mia's Garden is going to MQX!

I'm so excited!
 I just found out my quilt, Mia's Garden, got accepted into MQX Quilt Festival Midwest!
You can see my name in the middle column fourth from the bottom.

Looking at the other finalists really put things in perspective for me. 
I recognize a lot of those names...Leah Day, RaNae Merrill, Gina Perkes, Margaret Solomon Gunn, Linda Thielfoldt, Cathy Wiggins, Judy Woodworth. (Click on their name to see some of their amazing work.) These are just a few of the amazing quilters whose quilts were juried into this show.

I was encouraged by one of the founders of MQX, Janet-Lee Santeusanio, to enter my quilt into the show. I don't know about you, but sometimes I need a little nudge to get me out of my comfort zone. I'm glad Janet-Lee gave me that nudge. My studio will feel a little empty when I ship my quilt to Illinois, but at least one of us gets to go to the show. :)

Today's show and tell is a small table runner I quilted for a customer who picked up the appliqué pieces in Peru. 

I used freehand and rulers to do the line designs. The leaf motif was a digitized design by my awesome friend and designer Karlee Porter at

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Post 28- Twenty years and counting!

It's hard for me to believe, but this past weekend I attended my 20-year high school reunion.
The truth is time flies whether or not you're having fun.
For the most part, the past 20 years have been fun...
mixed with hard work!

Nerves almost got the best of me, but I made a last minute decision to attend the reunion with a little encouragement from my close friend from high school.
I'm so glad I went!

I feel so blessed to have associated with the people I did in high school. Maybe it's because we were a somewhat small graduating class, or maybe it's because we were at a newly-built school as the second graduating class, but whatever the reason we had kindness and friendship unknown to many graduating classes. Everyone was nice to everyone else and 20 years later it was still the same!

But enough reminiscing!
I was sorting through my quilt pics from this last year and realized I still have a ton of quilt pics to post. I quilted this quilt for my customer, Shirley, at the beginning of the year. It was so much fun to quilt because of all the different blocks. 

Like most of my quilting, this was a mix of freemotion quilting, ruler work, and computer-guided quilting.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Post 29-Celestial Star Block Update

So here it completed Celestial Star Block! 

I'm looking forward to hanging it up at Christmastime in a few months. But let's not go there! I'm still enjoying the summer and don't even want to think about the cold and snowy days up ahead!

I enjoyed putting this block together, but I'll admit I still need practice with my paper piecing. I did have a few mistakes that required cutting more fabric out and starting again. 

Diane at, who is sponsoring the Celestial Star quilt along, has great tutorials for paper piecing. She got me through this block without too much sweat and ripped stitches!

One more update:

My sweet Mia finally sounds like a little girl again instead of Darth Vader! 

For the past six months she has had so much junk in her chest that every breath made her sound like Darth Vader. 
We tried taking her off dairy to see if it was an allergic reaction. 
We tried an inhaler. 
We tried antibiotics. 
We even did a chest xray, which was clear.

 Look at this crazy contraption they put her in for the X-ray! It really wasn't as bad as it seems and she was in it for less than a minute, but yes, I made her stay longer so I could snap a pic!

The doc finally put her on Zithromax, a more powerful antibiotic, to rule out walking pneumonia.

And guess what?

 It worked! 

I'm so glad we have our healthy baby back!