Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wool Appliqué Quilt

This beautiful wool applique quilt was made by my client Kay.
Because it is a very traditional quilt, I decided to do echo quilting around the applique in the gray blocks and different fillers around the applique in the brown blocks.
The border is a digitized repeat feather pattern.

I love the way the back turned out with the beige and gray thread contrasted against the black fabric.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Quick Union Jack Quilt

I just put the last of the Christmas decor away today. 
Glad that's finally done!
Now that the Holidays are officially over here, it's back to real life! (And hopefully more blogging!)

A few weeks ago, I purchased a bolt of this cute Union Jack panel fabric from Riley Blake.  

My intentions were to use it for a backing of a UK-themed quilt I'm making for a family friend, 
but I knew I'd have plenty left over. So when I was asked to bring one of my 'favorite things' for a gift exchange in December, I decided to make a quilt.

The only piecing I did on this was the 4 inch borders I added to all four sides.

Then I put it on my quilting frame, put it on Horizontal channel lock, and ran the machine from one end to the other a bjillion times! 

I spent an hour or two stitching down the binding, and Voila! 

Easiest quilt ever!

The hardest part about this quilt was giving it away! Seriously!

Even my little one wanted me to keep it!

Good thing I still have enough fabric to make another one for me and my family!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Post 16- Moda Modern Building Blocks

Well, I really dropped the ball on my '20 quilt posts in 20 days' goal! 

As we start thinking about New Year's resolutions, we would all do well to remember to set REALISTIC goals for ourselves.

A blog post everyday for 20 days is very unrealistic for me...especially during the holidays! What was a I thinking?
Oh well! I guess we live and learn!

This quilt is part of the reason I couldn't keep up to date on my blog goals.

This amazing quilt was pieced by Brittany from Quilter's Haven. 
She truly did an amazing job with the piecing.
I still struggle with piecing sometimes, so when I see those perfectly matching points on a client's quilt, I am just in reverent awe.

This quilt caught me off guard when I started loading it onto the longarm frame. I had seen pictures of this quilt, because it was such a hit at Spring Market. But, for some reason, the pictures really don't show just how big it actually is!

So, what I thought would be a fairly easy 3-day custom quilt job ended up stretching into a two-and-a-half week custom quilt job.

I am thrilled with how it turned out, but it was a challenging quilt to machine quilt, in that I had to use rulers 90% of the time, (although I did free-motion quilting on a little bit of the quilt) and had to come up with a new design for every block.

Well, enough chit-chat. I took too many pictures, so get ready for picture overload with this one!

A little sneak peak of the many tools I used to quilt this one.

And, of course, pictures of the quilt back!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Post 17-A Very Pretty T-Shirt Quilt

Today's quilt is one I recently quilted for a friend's daughter. Her daughter did a beautiful job putting this T-shirt quilt together. I love the added floral and paisley fabric!

You can see the quilting slightly better in this next picture.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Post 18-Christmas Tablerunner

Eeeek!! I just realized I only have 15 minutes left in this day to post my next quilt and keep my goal of 20 quilts in 20 days!!

I quilted this beautiful Christmas tablerunner last December. Hmmm...why am I now finally posting it? Well, as the song goes, 'Time keeps on tickin' tickin' into the future'! And before you know it, the end of the year is upon you!

Hope you enjoy the pics. (Honestly, the pics aren't the best quality.) Maybe that's why I never posted them before!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Post 19-Chocolate Quilt

Are you hungry? 

Well, after seeing this quilt you will be!

This Chocolate quilt was pieced by my friend Sylvia. 
She always makes amazing quilts!

Each day of the week has a special chocolate treat:
Wednesday-bon bons
Friday-chocolate bar
Saturday-triple layer mousse cake
Sunday-hot fudge sundae

Sounds like the perfect diet to me!