Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sarah's Quilt

I met Sarah at the Quilt Bliss retreat I attended back in February.

She made this beautiful quilt for her mother to hang on her wall. She wanted custom quilting to add to the beauty of the quilt.

I love the flying geese border...

And the center medallion! 

Ok, ok, I love the whole thing.

Detail of the teeny tiny pebbling.

For some reason I took more pics of the back than the front! 
Not sure what I was thinking!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kaffe Fassett Quilt

Summer is cruising by and I'm struggling to keep up with it! I'm wondering where those lazy days of summer disappeared to. It seems like it's been a few years since I've seen them! Hmmmm...may have something to do with the age of my kiddos!

Back in May I was asked by my client to custom quilt this quilt she made for a Kaffe Fassett display at HMQS. Here's a bit about it...

"Each year the Kaffe and Friends exhibit becomes bigger and better. Our group that started 7 years ago, has expanded from 15 ladies to about 45, and instead of being held in only one quilt shop, we now have three classes held in two different shops in Salt Lake and Ogden. The ladies, and one gentleman, are creative and exciting to be around. We used Kaffe Fassett fabric lines, and others that work well together, such as Brandon Mabley, Phillip Jacobs, batiks and more. 

This year the class consisted of Dresden plates in assorted varieties, small. Large, funky, stripes, solids, cutouts, inserts, paper pieced, and any other kind that the imaginations could create. The instructions were given each month and the members could select their own 
color scheme and decide on their final layout. We have skylines, underwater scenes, checkerboard backgrounds, gradations, trees, aborigional walkabouts, and many I have not yet seen.

Join the movement starting again in January of 2015, at Elaines Quilt shop in SLC, or My Heritage in Ogden. The instructor, Kaye Evans has some more exciting ideas for the upcoming year. Call the shops for more information."

This was one of the biggest quilts I've custom quilted...and definitely the most colorful! I love it! 

Honestly, I had so much fun quilting this (which I usually can't say about a quilt this large). I had no plan when I started quilting, other than to bring texture to the quilt. Because it's such a colorful quilt, I knew intricate quilting designs would get lost, so simple lines in various designs was my goal.

I took about a bzillion pics. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Peacock Quilt

This gorgeous quilt was brought to me by the husband of  one of my clients.
Richard does absolutely stunning handwork, as you can see! 
I love the fact that he and his wife both quilt and compete against one another at the state fair.
They are both very talented quilters and are as sweet as can be.

I'll be honest with you, I struggled quite a bit trying to decide how to quilt this quilt. I knew that I wanted to really maximize the quilting on the white fabric, but after drawing up about 4 different designs I still wasn't sold on what I had.
The only thing this quilt really "said" to me was that I needed to frame the peacocks with an oval and then do filler quilting on the rest, but I just wasn't sure of what fill to use. Since this quilt felt more traditional to me, I decided feathers might work.
I went ahead and quilted out the first block, and guess what? 
I wasn't in love with it. Ugh!
So began the unpicking.

After spending a bit more time researching design ideas and drawing them out, I finally settled for what I'd call a little bit traditional and a little bit modern.

The peacock feather wreath seemed geometric enough that I decided a more modern back and forth line fill would suit it nicely. When I tried quilting feathers around it, it felt chaotic and cluttered.

The peacocks got the lovely quilted feathers on the outside of the oval frame and paisleys on the inside.

I think I hit a good balance of curves and straight lines.

I encouraged Richard to not only enter it into the state fair, but also into HMQS next May. I'm not sure if he will, but I think it would do really well there. It's simply stunning in design and handwork execution.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Natalie's Round Robin Quilt

Back in January I held a "Thank You" giveaway on Instagram.

Bear with me while I share a little backstory to the giveaway.

You see, I joined the Instagram quilting community a little over a year ago.
Before then, I only had a small handful of quilty friends, and most were a good 20 years older than me. 
When I started on Instagram, I'll admit I was a bit uncomfortable with the open format. I was used to Facebook, where you 'allowed' people into your life. This was initially true on Instagram, but then somehow people I didn't know started following me and commenting on my posts. I honestly was unsure how to react. It was cool, but could I trust these people? And they didn't even really know me, and I sure didn't know them! 

But then I noticed something great happening. The more I posted and followed others' posts, the more I got to know them and they got to know me! And before I knew it I had hundreds of new quilty friends who were cheering me on in my quilting endeavors and inspiring me with theirs!

So, in January, with the start of a brand new year, I decided I wanted to give back to the Instagram quilting community that accepted me with open arms. I did two drawings. The first was for 50% off a quilting job (custom or edge to edge). I'll be posting about that quilt in a few posts.
The second was for a completely free quilting job. 

Natalie was the winner, and this is her quilt.
I had actually met Natalie once at a Modern Quilt Guild meeting, but until she dropped her quilt off to me I hadn't realized that we had met in person, even though we had been Instagram friends for a while.

Natalie's quilt was part of a Round Robin done by her quilt guild. If, like me, you have never heard of a Round Robin...each member does one border on each quilt. Because each person has a different style of quilting, each border is made to compliment the owner's style, and so each quilt turns out completely different. (There may be more rules to it, but this is my limited understanding of how it works.)

These Round Robin quilts were displayed at HMQS 2015 in Sandy, Utah. It was an honor to machine quilt this for Natalie. She is such a sweet person and a very talented quilter!

There were so many different areas to quilt on this quilt that my quilting plan for this quilt was literally to load the quilt and just have fun quilting it. My only goals were to use the piecing as my design guides and then repeat design elements throughout the quilt. Natalie said she liked feathers, so I tried to incorporate those in different areas of the quilt.

I loved each border of this quilt, but my absolute favorite was the blue and orange braided border. I honestly don't know why I fell in love with it, especially since orange has never been a favorite color of mine, but my eyes just kept coming back to that border.