Monday, March 17, 2014

Post 43- Quilter's Haven Churn Dash Quilt

I love getting phone calls from Joni at Quilter's Haven! I love the fun quilts she asks me to quilt because I get to 'go to town' on them! This Churn Dash quilt was no exception. Joni's only request was that crosshatching be incorporated into the quilt design. It took me a full day of auditioning quilt designs on preview paper, but I love the final result! 

The hardest part for me is figuring out what to quilt in the darker fabric where the quilting doesn't show as much. I want a design that shows off the fun fabric and doesn't try to overpower it with quilt lines. As you can see in the picture above, I did crosshatching in the blue fabric and took the crosshatching a step further in the white fabric with the continuous curve, which gives a diamond look to the squares.

The center medallion was a doodle I had drawn a few weeks earlier. I embellished it with lines and circles for a stunning effect.

I loved the green dot fabric and got a lot of my design inspiration from it.

I did get frustrated at one point in the designing process and made a quick order on Amazon (and actually paid for the one-day shipping) to get Judi Madsen's new book 'Quilting Wide Open Spaces.' I love her quilting and her book is full of inspiration. I have to give her credit for the border of this quilt.

This was such a fun quilt to quilt!

Quilt Specs:
Batting: Hobbs 80/20 and Wool
Thread: Superior So Fine 401

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Post 44-An Exciting Day and Tracy's Quilt

Today was a huge day for Miss Mia. She took her first steps by herself today! She didn't seem to understand what all the fuss was about, but she kept me entertained all day with practicing! I sure do love this girl (though I have to say I'm not in love with her preferred method of communication-screaming)!
Her favorite place to play while I'm quilting is under the quilt frame/machine. Some things never change. So many people have told me how much fun they had under their mother's/grandmother's 'hand' quilting frames.

This is a beautiful quilt Tracy made for her granddaughter.

And a closeup of the back. Its a little hard to see the detail of the quilting in this picture, but I alternated a square scroll design with a square box design. I thought this gave it a modern yet feminine feel. My design inspiration almost always comes from the fabric of the quilt. The cute charm pack
Tracy used for this quilt had both flowers (feminine) and straight lines (modern). I stitched in the ditch around each square then let the computer do its thing inside each square.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Post 45-The ugliest quilt of the year award!

I had to laugh when Kay called me and told me that she had won the award for the ugliest quilt of the year. She was just kidding, but she hoped some specialized quilting could add some character to this cute quilt she made for her new grandbaby. I think it's an adorable baby quilt! Who doesn't love Peter Pan and all his friends and foes?!! :)

House update: We found out yesterday that we only have a month until our house is finished! It's so exciting to watch it progress! We walked through it last week and the heater was on and it felt so cozy I just wanted to stay there forever. The only thing I don't look forward to is the whole business of moving again, but I try not to focus on least not yet. I have 2 more weeks of bliss before I have to start packing !

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Post 46- Disney Frozen Olaf Quilt

Once again I'm behind on my blogging-but at least this time it's for a good cause!

Here's my excuse. 

Every year our elementary school does a fundraiser during Literacy Night. Each class chooses a theme and asks families to donate items following that theme. Then all the donations are put in a basket and each basket is auctioned off during Literacy night through a silent auction. 

We love this fundraiser! It's so much more fun and creative than selling cookie dough! 

My son's class chose the new Disney movie 'Frozen' as their theme. We thought we'd donate a stuffed snowman Olaf to the basket, but we couldn't find one when we went out shopping. 

The next week my son presented a new idea to me. He said his class thought it would be cool to have a 'Frozen' blanket, and he told the class I might make one since I make quilts all the time. 

This was not at all what I wanted to hear, since I was in the midst of a few quilting deadlines already. 

I told my son I just didn't think I'd have time to make another quilt. After a long pause, and with a somewhat downtrodden look on his face, he said 'Well, I gave it my best shot.' 


My son has been known to be a bit dramatic at times, and no doubt he was playing that card now, but this honestly tore at my heart. He's had a somewhat rough year at school, so I really wanted to do something special for him. But making a quilt just isn't as simple as buying a toy. I was really battling with whether or not I should commit to this.

In the end, I told him I'd see what I could do.

So, here's what I came up with...

And, of course, my son loved it and he said his class loved it was definitely worth the time I spent making it. :)

And hopefully it will help our school raise some money!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Post 47-Pam's Quilt

Pam made a quilt for her granddaughter similar to the one I quilted for Quilter's Haven last summer.

I love designing the quilting based on the fabric, and I had so much fun doing that with this quilt.

A clover design on the green fabric and an orange peel design on the blue fabric.

And a fun star design on the star fabric.

I love this yellow chevron fabric!

But this adorable owl fabric is my favorite!

We celebrated Mia's birthday at The Mandarin in Bountiful. The restaurant is a local and national award-winning Chinese restaurant. It is always a long wait to get in. Luckily, parties over 8 can make reservations, so we didn't have to wait. But it was crazy to see people lined up in the rain 20 minutes before the restaurant even opened! The food is so worth it!

Mia's favorite part of the night was her cupcake. She showed no shame in shoving her face in it!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Post 48- She's Growing Up!

Guess who's 1? It's hard to believe it's been a year since sweet Mia came into our lives. She has blessed us in so many ways, but the thing I've noticed the most is we all smile more because of her. We're not celebrating the big day until this weekend when grandparents will be in town, so I don't have any cute birthday cake pics. But I did snap this pic today. For some reason she really wanted a green onion. Every time we opened the fridge she grabbed at them. So I gave her one today thinking she'd taste it, spit it out, and be done with it. But she surprised me and chewed the onion to pieces. Crazy-and stinky-girl!

My husband is a pretty awesome snowboarder and has been teaching my boys. He makes it look so easy! A few years ago I decided to try it. I signed up for a lesson at a local resort. At the time, I was in the best shape of my life as a marathon runner, but learning to snowboard kicked my butt! It was a harder workout than an 18-mile run! 

I did a bit of skiing as a teen, but It's been 18 years since I last went skiing. So when we decided to take the family to Wolf Mountain for a night of family snowboarding/skiing, I was a bit apprehensive about getting back out on the snow. It's just like riding a bike, though. It came right back to me and it was a lot of fun! Here's a pic of my older daughter and I freezing our butts off.

One last picture-here's the progress on our house. It's so exciting to see walls going up!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Post 49-Building, Learning, Quilting, Family Fun, and Sleep


The foundation was poured this past week. It's a muddy mess though! There's a home being built across the street from our home that is very similar to ours. It has the drywall up already, so we walked through it yesterday. So exciting to watch the progress of both houses! And it made me want to start sewing couch pillows and coordinating drapes. JoAnn's is having a 50% off home decor fabric sale-what great timing!!


Lately I've been finding Miss Mia in either a pile of scattered laundry or books. She loves helping me pull the clothes out of the laundry basket. Then she puts the clothes on her head. She does this over and over. With the books, she opens them, turns one page, and moves onto the next book. Once again, she does this over and over. It's so fun to watch her begin to learn the process of doing laundry, getting dressed, and reading books. 


I finished this sweet quilt a few months back. My client made this for her granddaughter. I am a huge fan of pinwheels, so of course I fell in love with this adorable quilt!

Family Fun:

Every so often I get a text from Pizza Pie Cafe offering $6.00 all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. Can you guess how many pieces of pizza my teenage son downed? I'll make a batch of yummy chocolate chip cookies for the person who guesses right! It's mind boggling the amount of food teenage boys eat!!!


I just had to include this picture! How can she sleep folded over in this position? She has some crazy flexibility!