Sunday, October 27, 2013

Summer Quilts

Summer was wonderful!
We had lots of hot summer days spent in the pool and at the waterpark. We did some camping and got a zillion mosquito bites. 

But it went by quickly!

Now the kids are back in school, the temperature is definitely cooler, and life is crazy...
but more on that later.

Right now I want to show you part of what kept me busy all summer long.

One of my customers, Rinda, brought me five very different quilts. (Sadly, I only remembered to take  pictures of four of the quilts). This was a great creative outlet for me since the quilts were all so different!

The first quilt was done with the Pro-Stitcher. I love the preciseness of computerized quilting, but it's not always as easy as some might think. Just learning how to use the program takes time. And once you start the machine, you do have to babysit it. The bobbin thread eventually runs out and if you don't notice it right away, you have to reset the computer and requilt it. Some of the fancy machines will stop when the thread breaks or the bobbin thread runs out, which is a great feature to have!

I used an Oak Leaf pattern on this quilt. I thought it fit with the fall colors of the quilt.

The second quilt was my first experience with a Stack-and-Whack quilt. The fabric pattern and colors felt a bit Oriental to me. I thought it was absolutely beautiful!
 This is another quilt I probably would not have ever made before seeing it. That is why I am so grateful for the variety of my customer's quilts. The exposure is so good for me. It helps me step out of my comfort zone and see the beauty of variety!

The third quilt is a fun snowman quilt. It was cute and easy to quilt.

The last quilt I fell in love with. Why? Because I love quilts that create unique designs with the use of light and dark fabrics. I am a huge fan of Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts, and have been wanting to try some ruler work like she does. I don't know if I came very close, but I was still pleased with this attempt.

I designed the border using Art and Stitch and quilted it out using the Pro Stitcher.

Rinda has actually moved away to Arizona, but I have a feeling we'll be in touch again. She's a great quilter and a great lady. 

I know I've said it before, but I feel like I'm so lucky to do what I do! I mean, seriously, when you hug your customers goodbye, you know you have a great job! :)


  1. You have so many wonderful talents. The stitch work in each of the quilts is AMAZING!

    1. Thanks! You're so sweet. Unfortunately, blogging isn't one of my talents. Posting once every few months is lame! :/

  2. Thanks Kami :) FYI-I think the same about you!

  3. How did I not know you do this? You are amazingly talented!!

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  5. The fourth quilt in your Summer 2013 (the one from Green Fairy Quilts) letter is beautiful. Would you know the pattern name and where I could purchase it. Thanks in advance.