Friday, June 27, 2014

Post 35- Quilt Market Quilt #4

I got out of bed before 6:00 AM for the first time this summer. My husband and I are 'training' for a half-marathon. It'll be his first half-marathon and my first since before I was pregnant. I use the term 'training' loosely because we decided to do this somewhat last minute and we know we are totally unprepared. But there's nothing like paying money to run a race to help get your butt out of bed and in workout mode!

I had forgotten how quiet and beautiful the world is that early in the morning. I had also forgotten how much more I can get done in the morning while the little one slumbers! It's been nice to sleep in for half of the summer, especially after getting up early to get the kids off to school during the school year, but I think it's time to start enjoying the early morning peace again on a regular basis! It might just be a great time to get some blogging in. :)

I am finally posting about my last Quilt Market quilt, although this was actually the first one I quilted for RJR Fabrics. It features the Pride and Glory fabric line by Dan Morris, which will be available in August. You can see the fabric line on the RJR website. I love the pattern and fabric placement. I think the quilt is stunning!

I have a ton of pictures. Unfortunately, none of them are very good quality because this had to be shipped out so soon after I finished it. :( 

I used a double layer of Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly batting to make the quilting pop. And I used Superior Omni thread for the top and bobbin.

The feathers were all freehand, but I did use rulers for those curved and straight lines.

As you can see in the next picture, sometimes I draw out my feathers with a disappearing purple marker first, just to make sure I'm filling the space completely.

I'd love to make this quilt for myself someday. We'll see though.
Seems like there's never enough time for all the quilts I want to make.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!

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