Saturday, January 10, 2015

Quick Union Jack Quilt

I just put the last of the Christmas decor away today. 
Glad that's finally done!
Now that the Holidays are officially over here, it's back to real life! (And hopefully more blogging!)

A few weeks ago, I purchased a bolt of this cute Union Jack panel fabric from Riley Blake.  

My intentions were to use it for a backing of a UK-themed quilt I'm making for a family friend, 
but I knew I'd have plenty left over. So when I was asked to bring one of my 'favorite things' for a gift exchange in December, I decided to make a quilt.

The only piecing I did on this was the 4 inch borders I added to all four sides.

Then I put it on my quilting frame, put it on Horizontal channel lock, and ran the machine from one end to the other a bjillion times! 

I spent an hour or two stitching down the binding, and Voila! 

Easiest quilt ever!

The hardest part about this quilt was giving it away! Seriously!

Even my little one wanted me to keep it!

Good thing I still have enough fabric to make another one for me and my family!

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