Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Post 50- They dug our hole! And an adorable baby boy quilt!

Digging a hole doesn't usually make people excited...unless its for the foundation of your soon-to-be new home! I haven't mentioned on my blog that we sold our home of 9 years and moved into a duplex while we wait for our new home to be built. We moved back in October and have patiently been waiting for the plans to be approved by the city. We finally had our preconstruction meeting last Wednesday and the very next day they dug our hole.
Here's a pic of our lot before the dig.

And here are the mounds of dirt after the dig. We were told the house should be finished in 90 days. Kind of amazing they can build it that fast!

Look at this adorable baby boy quilt my friend Tracy made for her daughter's first baby. I love the fabrics they chose-so colorful and fun! Perfect for a boy! I just have to say that I was a youth leader for Aubrey, Tracy's daughter, when she was in high school and she was one of the sweetest girls ever! I love that girl and am so glad her mom let me quilt this for her!

I decided to use the look of the cute chevron fabric as the quilting pattern.

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