Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Post 36-WIP Wednesday Hexie Tablerunner

I'm super late in getting into the blogging community, but because I recently found Bloglovin' things are changing! 
Through Bloglovin' I found a bunch of awesome quilting blogs. Today I'm joining Lee at for WIP (Work-In-Progress) Wednesday for the first time. 

A few weeks ago I quickly sewed together this very long table runner. I just moved and am trying to add some color (and some quilting) to my new home.

Look at those wavy borders! I thought about taking them off and resewing them, but at the suggestion of a quilt friend on FB I decided to just quilt them down.

I always look to the fabric for quilting design inspiration.
 I fell in love with this hexie print.

Quilting hexies would take forever freehand with a ruler, so I checked my digitized files. No luck!
 Time is money! So I looked at my favorite websites (, mycreativestitches, intelligent quilting, and digi-tech) to see if someone had already created a design (at a reasonable price), but once again No Luck!

So off to the computer and my awesome Art & Stitch program.
I'm not an expert at Art & Stitch, but I know enough to get by.

I added a few guidelines to keep the design lines straight.

Repeating the design. This is the step that shows what the final design will look like on the quilt.
After formatting the design, I saved it to a thumb drive then skipped over to my quilt machine. It's exciting to finish a design and see it quilted out (thus the skipping)!

Here's my library of designs on my machine. Can you find my hexie design?

The design resized and repeated. Now time to quilt it out!

And Voila!
I love it!

I know there's been some debate about computerized quilting versus freehand, freemotion, hand-guided, etc. The truth is they are both effective and beautiful ways of  quilting a quilt. I love the preciseness of computerized quilting and the freedom of freemotion quilting. There are things that I can do with one that I can't with the other. They both require creative effort and practice. 
It's really just a matter of utilizing all the quilting tools at hand to efficiently and effectively produce the quilting you want. And I'm so glad that I get to incorporate both into my quilting!

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  1. Awesome! I love your design, especially quilted, it just looks great. I don't think I'll ever have enough space, but I'd like to someday get a second machine with a computer to run pantographs while I do freehand work. I feel like there is absolutely no point in a person doing a panto if the computer can make it look perfect. You know, unless you don't have a computer. =)