Sunday, June 8, 2014

Post 37- Quilt Market Quilt #3

Patriotic Waves by Patrick Lose
Featured at Spring Quilt Market 2014

Okay, I realize I'm taking FOR-EV-ER to feature the four quilts I quilted for Quilt Market, but bear with me because they are worth the wait!

I love, love, love this Patriotic Waves Quilt by Patrick Lose (pattern is available on his website). I've always wanted to make a patriotic quilt, and hope to make this for myself one day...time permitting! And, my husband even said he liked this one! He hasn't really understood why people put quilts on walls, but recently we were discussing a client's wallhanging and he said, "Oh, it's kind of like artwork." 

Yes! Yes! Yes! All quilts are artwork, whether they are on a wall or on a bed! And all quilters are artists!

I do have to make a disclaimer about these Quilt Market quilts. I did not design, choose fabric, or piece these quilts. I can only take credit for the machine quilting. These quilts all came to me magnificently pieced by someone else and I'd love to give those piecers credit but I don't have that information. 

Here's my pre-quilting design.

And the post-quilting result! 

I know the pictures are not the best quality. I do the best I can with the limited technology and lighting that I have. And honestly, most of these quilts were finished at midnight and sent out the next morning, so the lighting was pretty bad when I took the pictures.

Once again, I love the back of the quilt just as much as the front!

I used Superior Threads Omni thread on this quilt. I love that stuff!


  1. Beautiful work! I love Omni too--it's just so reliable.

  2. Barbie-Exactly! I don't think I've ever had tension problems with Omni!