Monday, August 4, 2014

Post 30-Wholecloth update

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am part of a fun group of friends on Facebook who are all Handi Quilter owners. We help and encourage each other on our longarm journey. Many of us decided to join Lisa Calle in her Radiance Mini Wholecloth challenge using the Robert Kaufman Radiance fabric.

I took a class with Lisa back in May when she taught at HMQS in Salt Lake City. She is an amazingly patient and encouraging teacher. Her quilting blows my mind, so it was a privilege to learn from her. She was even sweet enough to pose for a pic with me. ;)

This is the design I finished in her 4-hour class.

Because the wholecloth is supposed to be 18x18 in, and this design is only about 13x13 in, I couldn't just trace the design onto the Radiance fabric with a light box. I had start from scratch. Thankfully, Lisa's class was all about layering designs, so it wasn't too difficult. I had the basic design on one layer, all the curves and angles on another layer, and the smaller design elements on the last layer. 

I changed a few design elements because I felt what I had just wasn't what I wanted.
I'm really pleased with how the design turned out. I can't wait to start quilting it!
But first...I have a few customer quilts to finish!


  1. This is going to be amazingly gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Barbie! You are always so supportive with your comments! :) Hugs to you!!