Thursday, August 7, 2014

Post 29-Celestial Star Block Update

So here it completed Celestial Star Block! 

I'm looking forward to hanging it up at Christmastime in a few months. But let's not go there! I'm still enjoying the summer and don't even want to think about the cold and snowy days up ahead!

I enjoyed putting this block together, but I'll admit I still need practice with my paper piecing. I did have a few mistakes that required cutting more fabric out and starting again. 

Diane at, who is sponsoring the Celestial Star quilt along, has great tutorials for paper piecing. She got me through this block without too much sweat and ripped stitches!

One more update:

My sweet Mia finally sounds like a little girl again instead of Darth Vader! 

For the past six months she has had so much junk in her chest that every breath made her sound like Darth Vader. 
We tried taking her off dairy to see if it was an allergic reaction. 
We tried an inhaler. 
We tried antibiotics. 
We even did a chest xray, which was clear.

 Look at this crazy contraption they put her in for the X-ray! It really wasn't as bad as it seems and she was in it for less than a minute, but yes, I made her stay longer so I could snap a pic!

The doc finally put her on Zithromax, a more powerful antibiotic, to rule out walking pneumonia.

And guess what?

 It worked! 

I'm so glad we have our healthy baby back!


  1. I love what you did with the striped fabric on your block. Love how everyone's blocks are so different too.

    1. Thank You Sooli! I agree! The blocks are all so different but all are beautiful!

  2. So glad your baby is feeling better and I LOVE how your Celestial Star turned out, it looks perfect.

    1. Thank you Mara! It's a relief it wasn't something more serious going on with my little one. And I think these Celestial stars are so fun!

  3. This is my favorite of all I've seen! It's gorgeous!!! Nice work on fabric choices!!!

    1. Thank you so much charinalaska!! I appreciate that because I wasn't really sure if I loved the fabric choices at first but now I'm glad I didn't change them. :)