Sunday, October 19, 2014

Post 23- Check out Lisa Calle's blog!!

I'm pretty darn excited right now!
I was just doing a little Bloglovin' reading and this is what went through my head when I came to Lisa Calle's blog.

That's pretty.
Wait...that's familiar.
Scroll back up
Hey! That's my mini wholecloth!
On Lisa's Blog
Front and Center!!

I have a couple of quilt heroes and Lisa is one of them, 
so it's just really cool to see my quilt on her blog.

I took Lisa's class last May and she was kind enough to pose for a pic with me.

There are a bunch of other amazing wholecloths from other ladies on there too, so it's worth a look if you haven't visited her blog.

Another exciting thing happened this week.
My awesome friend, Karlee Porter, released her new quilt book Graffiti Quilting.
Here's my autographed copy.

I've known Karlee for about 5 years, since she and I both worked at Handi Quilter in the Production Department. We both put in quite a few hours of practice on the longarm and sit-down machines testing them before we moved on to other things.

I remember one of the first days I met Karlee she sat down at lunchtime with a notebook and a bunch of markers and started drawing. 
At some point, she let me see her sketches and I was blown away.
I knew right then and there that she was an artist.
And I'm so excited she is now sharing her artistry with the quilting world!

Lastly, here is my show and tell for the week. 
Don't you just love this adorable baby quilt?!
I Wish I could take credit for more than the quilting, but no.

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