Monday, November 10, 2014

Post 21-Geometric Designs On Kids Quilts

I've been exploring the world of geometric quilting on kids quilts.

I love the texture geometric quilting adds to quilts without adding the distractions you get with other more intricate designs.

This 'simple but oh so cute' baby boy quilt was designed by Joni at Quilter's Haven in Bountiful, UT. This particular quilt was made by a customer who saw Joni's original quilt that I quilted hanging in her store. She wanted it quilted exactly the same with zig zags. I think straight lines across the quilt would've looked great too, but I like how the zig zags accentuate the shape of the applique crocodile.

This next quilt was full of pinwheels, so the customer and I decided the quilting needed to have curves to give it movement. There are a lot of quilting designs that would've looked great, but I decided to try allover spirals. 

Look at the amazing texture on this quilt back! Love it!

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  1. Love that sky blue backing, and I always like rounder quilting with angular piecing, or vice versa :)